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When it comes to investing in the sport of cycling, we all know that usually means a new wheel set or lightweight gruppo for most dedicated cylists. But, if you want to fully enjoy your cycling experience, there is nothing more certain to succeed than an investment in improving your performance. And nothing does that more cost effectively than a professional fitting. CycleOne provides the finest bike fitting solutions available. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours and includes Dartfish motion analysis and cleat placement.

The cost for the professional fitting is $250. Group or team discounts are available. 
For the most cost effective way to improve your cycling performance, contact CycleOne today for the best bike fitting in Portland. Guaranteed!

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There are a number of different methods and theories about what comprises the perfect bike fit. Regardless of the method used, the single most important factor to consider is the level of expertise of the fitter. There are a number of questions you might ask in making a decision about purchasing a professional bike fitting. One of the most important would be to find out what the experience and education of the fitter you are considering. According to Katrina Z. "Kit" Vogel,  Director of Education of Bike Fit Systems,

"You need both static measurements AND dynamic assessment from the side, front (with lasers on the knees) and posterior views. That being said, motion capture information tells the fitter WHAT the cyclist is doing on the bike (good or bad) but the fitter still has to use his/her skills to assess this motion and decide WHAT needs to change on the bike. No software gives the bike fitter instructions. Again, the quality of the bike fit is dependent on the skills of the fitter … not the type of motion capture he/she uses."

Real Science - Quantifiable and Race Proven

A comprehensive bike fit that includes a dynamic assessment, using tools like Dartfish video analysis software, can determine if cycling posture and pedaling mechanics need improvement. Our fitting system is based on precise anatomical measurements of the client’s musculoskeletal system as well as observation of the cyclist in motion.  The fitting session begins with a video of your current position for a baseline comparison. This is followed by a thorough flexibility assessment to determine if any pre-existing anomalies are to be considered. Using precision lasers for alignment, the bike is adjusted to fit the body instead of forcing the rider to adjust to a position that is not anatomically correct. The fitting also includes insoles and shims as indicated by a thorough analysis of foot and ankling mechanics. This critical step can prevent faulty pedaling mechanics, which leads to chronic knee injury if left uncorrected. If the ankle is out of position, the knee is forced to compensate and not only will the cyclist elevate his chance of injury, he will lose power. Other key positions such as saddle fore/aft, saddle height, saddle tilt, stem length, and bar width are determined from the initial measurements. Feedback from the client is used to determine the final changes, such as saddle to handlebar drop, handlebar rotation, and brake lever placement. Once these adjustments are made, the client will again ride the bike for a dynamic assessment. Biomechanical alignment is checked, and the angles at the knees, hips and ankles are re-examined for symmetry. Using the Dartfish software, we are able to measure the changes by degrees. This is a Winning Fit!

The Dartfish software allows us to view the rider in slow motion while measuring the changing angles at the key joints to determine when changes made to the bike affect technique or dynamic fit. These alignment changes are not always readily apparent. When viewed by the naked eye, there is no discernible difference between the two photos. But closer inspection reveals problems that can be corrected with the Dartfish slow motion technology. 

The following photos demonstrate how difficult it is to detect needed changes with the naked eye, but using the Dartfish stop action technology allows for minor detailed corrections that place the cyclist in the perfect position for optimum power and comfort.

In the first photo, taken before fitting, the rider has restricted ability to rotate forward at the hips due to being positioned too high in the saddle. This reduces power and inhibits deep breathing. The solution to the problem is to lower the saddle and move it back slightly. These minor changes allow the cyclist to relax the thoracic region and increases the power the cyclist is able to generate from a more aerodynamic position. The change also allows the cyclist to pedal with a more relaxed lower leg as evidenced by the more neutral position of the foot at the bottom of the pedal stroke. 

"My goal is to improve your performance while making your cycling experience as enjoyable as possible.With all of the time and money you invest in the sport, why limit your performance with a poor cycling position?  A professional custom bike fitting is one of the most effective ways to maximize your abilities on the bike while conserving energy.  have successfully improved the performance of hundreds of cyclists in the Portland area and corrected the injury producing bad bike fittings of so many others. My experience covers all disciplines of cycling, whether competitive or recreational. When you are ready to excel, make an appointment for a fitting." 
J.Michael Manning


"What I noticed: The new position is way more comfortable, the back pain I had seems to have gone away.
The knee pain disappeared while riding. There was no noticeable tightness in my shoulder and across the
back of the neck, although I found myself bracing and tightening my neck as if I expected it to be tight. The
pedal strokes feel much different, stronger and more supple (less choppy) on the flats... Overall I feel like
I'm using more of the muscles in my legs (front and back), while allowing the upper body to stay relaxed.
It's a drastic improvement over how I was positioned previously."

Quenton Conant

"I wanted to thank you for the fitting on my Burley and my Cervelo. Before I was fitted I had continual joint
pain in my knees and back pain. After the fitting I have noticed on both bikes I have more power with each
pedal stroke and no more pain! Also, I have noticed better race results!!!!  Thank you again."

Karleta Reierson

"A few months ago you fitted me on a brand new Specialized Roubaix at Sunset Cycles. Just a quick note to
let you know that I rode my first 100 miles on my new bike in the recent Harvest Century and finished the
ride with hardly any aches or pains. I'm convinced that the reason I was able to finish the ride so easily
was due to the excellent job you did in making sure the bike was perfectly set up for me. Thanks!"
Simon Bennett

"Thanks for fitting me in ...  !   I've had several rides since the WobbleNaught fitting and I am taking the new comfort level for granted. My first ride was up to Mt. Cypress in Vancouver, BC; and after a couple of hours in the saddle, I was pleasantly aware how seamlessly the hand position changes were on the bars; but the real surprise was not having that residual two-day-sit-bone-sensitivity! This takes on meaning since I have not ridden for a number of years, and I will have to go harder to really test the endurance of my butt. I encourage ANYONE to use Michael Manning's fitting as a natural way to interface the bike to the cyclist's body: it will seriously reduce the challenges of adapting to the bicycle while increasing efficiency and comfort."
Efron Davidson

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