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In my 30+ years of experience as a personal trainer and road cyclist, it has become very obvious to me that optimum nutrition is essential to optimum performance. Whether you are looking to improve your body composition or improve your performance, if you will follow my guidelines, I will guarantee your success. If you wish to change how you look and feel, you must change how you think about food. One look in the mirror should be enough to realize that we are all an accumulation of habits, both good and bad... we just have to make the right choices. 

Based on the idea that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but simply converted from one form to another, proper weight management depends on eating according to your body's energy demands. But the relationship that most of us have with food is largely defined in terms of its social significance and is viewed as a source of personal pleasure. Effective performance nutrition means that you should enjoy eating, but food must first serve a functional role.

Through clean eating and an emphasis on low glycemic foods, the CycleOne Optimum Performance Nutrition plan maintains energy balance while altering body composition through directed exercise to achieve the perfect athletic body you have always wanted. This plan doesn't focus just on food like many other systems. It is a total-system approach that promotes healthy food choices, behavior modification and exercise guidelines. This includes an education in nutrient timing, low glycemic eating, healthy and nutritious shakes, cutting edge nutritional supplements, and an interactive web site to track your progress.

The CycleOne Optimum Performance Nutrition plan is based on the basic tenet that all food should be eaten in its most natural state and ideally at the peak of ripeness, since that is when most foods are also at their nutritional peak. Whenever possible, we promote organic, whole foods with a preference for raw foods. We encourage a balanced approach to one's diet, while avoiding fast food and overly processed foods. We recognize that the athlete who is traveling will be forced many times to compromise their dietary regimen, so we strive to educate you in making the best possible choices. And supplementing your diet with higher quality nutritional supplements is an important part of any athletes program. Ask us about our superb line of performance supplements...

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Nutritional Consultation - $100.00
For those who would like to optimize their current nutritional practices for enhanced energy and endurance. The consultation includes an assessment of current nutritional habits based on lifestyle, level of activity and goals.
CycleOne provides a detailed analysis of your individual nutritional needs regardless of your level of training. Solutions are provided in several different formats, depending on your specific goals and time line. 

Follow up Session - 1/2 hr $30.00 or 1 hr $50.00
We examine how closely you are complying with the guidelines and reevaluate the specific recommendations if necessary. Additional questions are addressed and any needed modifications are made.

Is the Paleo Diet Right for Endurance Athletes?

The Paleo Diet has received much publicity lately, promoting the idea that modern man should eat according to the evolutionary pathway of his Paleolithic ancestors. Although the concept is fundamentally sound, there may be some contraindications for the modern endurance athlete. The Paleo Diet is not well understood and is typically misrepresented by the popular media. We will attempt to clarify and decipher its mysteries so you can make the right choices.

The Paleo Diet Pyramid pictured below provides a simplified depiction of the rules of the caveman diet, the most important foods being at the base, with declining importance as you ascend the pyramid.
 Of course, processed foods are not allowed...period! They did not exist during the Paleolithic Era. But you should also note the absence of two other common foods groups... grains and legumes. A healthy modern diet means 90% of your food intake comes from within the first two levels, fruits, veggies, and lean meats. Nuts, seeds and essential fatty acids comprise the balance of your dietary intake. 

The Paleo Diet may not be so suitable for the modern endurance athlete, lacking in valuable energy sources that are readily found in starchy carbohydrates. It is difficult to consume enough food for fueling purposes during heavy training, and the body's energy reserves will dwindle, leading to fatigue and injury. Essentially, muscle tissue is consumed to replenish lost glycogen. The competitive endurance athlete is faced with an even greater need to consume the right foods in the right amounts.

Athletes are always asking "What should I eat or drink on race day?" Although this question is a valid one and deserves a good answer, the more important question concerns what one should eat on a daily basis. An athlete's ability to perform at optimum levels is strictly a function of his current training status. That status is directly related to the quality of the daily diet and one's level of recovery from stress
. A targeted nutritional approach can make the difference between winning and losing.

CycleOne Optimum Performance Nutrition

CycleOne Optimum Performance Nutrition
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