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CycleOne Racing Clinics

In 2020, the CycleOne staff will be offering free skills and drills clinics on cycling performance for the novice racer as well as the elite racer. Cat 1 racer Martin Acosta brings his racing talents and sprinting ability to the OBRA scene for all who are ready to excel...

Contact CycleOne Coaching to sign up for the monthly racing program.

Date Time Event
 January 26
 Sun 3:30 PM
 Improving your Time Trial
 February 23
 Sun 3:30 PM
 Periodization and Peaking
 March 22
 Sun 3:30 PM
 Sports Nutrition for the Cyclist
 April 26
 Sun 3:30 PM
 Professional Bike Fitting
 May 17
 Sun 3:30 PM  Core Training and Injury Prevention
 June 21
 Sun 3:30 PM  Nitric Oxide & Improved Performance
 July 26
 Sun 3:30 AM  Professional Bike Fitting
 August 16
 Sun 3:30 PM  Cross Training Clinic
 September 13
 Sun 3:30 PM  Threshold Training & Power Production
 October 18
 Sun 3:30 PM  Nitric Oxide & Improved Performance
 November 15
 Sun 3:30 AM  Stress and Recovery Nutrition
 December 13
 Sun 3:30 AM  Off Season Training Plans

CycleOne Training Partners                          


Dr. Aaron Radspinner
, a Portland native, has been practicing chiropractic care for over 10 years. He spent 2 years working with professional cyclists in Texas before returning to Portland to air a weekly radio show called "Talking with Dr. Aaron", and provided on-air medical care for over 150 shows. He is an active Cat 4 road racer/CX Racer and the owner of Discover Chiropractic in Beaverton. Aaron works with families as well as athletes to help them achieve better health and well being. He brings many years of experience in martial arts, cycling, and natural health to his practice. More importantly, he has an infectious enthusiasm for his natural health practice.

Discover Chiropractic Family Wellness Center


Josh Kernan and Mark Hatfield, along with the support staff of Bridgetown Physical Therapy and Training Studio provide the best quality care in Portland. They strive to maintain a reputation for excellence in their profession.  CycleOne Coaching is proud to be associated with these true health professionals.
The Bridgetown PT & Training Studio was established to provide Oregon residents access to personal training services provided by board certified physical therapists that have obtained Doctorates of Physical Therapy.  It is their mission to be recognized in the community for their work in promoting life long wellness. 

Bridgetown Physical Therapy & Training Studio

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